Contract cultivation

Ad Lievense is the contact for the Laarakker BIO contracts. He has long-standing experience in purchasing and saling biological vegetables. Due to his experiences in working for the manufacturing companies, he is predestined to convert customer requirements in growing opportunities. Have you become curios on the growing opportunities we can offer for you? Ad will give you more information.

Who are we

Laarakker BIO is a part of the Laarakker business group, which is working on the cultivation, processing and the purchase and sale of a big palette of biologic and biologic-dynamic vegetables.


Due to the combination with Laarakker Groenteverwerking we are an interesting part for all big deep -fries companies, canning factories, drying companies and the juice industry in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and France. Our sustainability is raised by our partner company Ecofuels, which is converting the residual waste into green energy and pure green CO2. The fermentation leftovers of the biogas installations become organic fertilizer.