Fermentation installation

130,000 tons of biomass is processed each year. From this we generate enough green electricity to meet the needs of 6,500 households, green gas to heat 1,600 households and clean water for 600 households for one year. In addition, our green CO2 can compensate the emissions of 13 million car kilometres and the heat we generate can save up to 0.8 million m3 of natural gas.


Together with Delta Milieu Compost & Biomassa, Laarakker Groenteverwerking has established the EcoFuels company. EcoFuels generates electricity, captures CO2 and purifies water from trimmings and return flows from plant cultivation and the food and beverage industry.


EcoFuels processes mainly ‘wet’ products with a moisture content of between 80% and 90%. The thermophilic fermentation installation that was specially developed for us, is unique in Europe.


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