A fixed point of contact

As a contract grower you have a fixed contact person. Your cultivation adviser considers your interests and ensures that you get answers to all of your questions. If you have become curios about the opportunities we offer for you, we will be pleased to inform you.



Contract cultivation

Laarakker Groenteverwerking and Laarakker BIO are concluding contracts on cultivation and sales with approximately 450 growers. Our cultivation areas are in the Netherlands, the german Rhineland up to Bielefeld and France.


To guarantee a good yield, we intensively deal with the parcel selection and the analysis and choice of seeds and seedlings. Moreover, we consider the crop rotation and the conditions on ground and clime. The knowledge and wishes of the growers are important to us. All cultures are maintained intensively: During the growing season our specialists visit two or three times a week and consult the growers. The findings of our specialists and the results are documented in an online cultivation registration system. We use the data of this system to further optimate the yield. Our intensive product monitoring avoids unpleasant incidents: Our growers as well as our sellers always know where they stand. Therefore, we are able to find the best customer for the product of each parcel, which has the effect of a low rejection rate and an optimal product price.