Quality and flexibility

Our focus is on quality and flexibility. The working process of our customers and growers has to be as flexible as possible. Time is money. Therefore, we leave nothing to chance: Our crops are controlled intensively, our machines are at best quality and we put a lot of effort into the setting up of relationships to our customers and growers.


Vision / strategy

Consumers become more aware of healthiness and a healthy lifestyle. Biological and biologic-dynamic products are playing an important role. In this process the demand for these products rises year by year. Laarakker BIO is prepared for this demand.


Biological and biologic-dynamic crops are matching excellent to the Laarakker business group. Laarakker only raises products which grow optimal under the climate and ground conditions of their parcels. Within the conventional cultivation Laarakker considers the (preventive) phytosanitary and crop rotation. With the beginning of the century, Laarakker took the step to biological cultivation. Meanwhile Laarakker BIO has grown to such a great extent that it is listed under its own trademark. Since then, it is an important player on the market. In the coming years Laarakker BIO will stake on the expansion of its market share to guarantee a better cooperation with its customers and growers.