Best possible yield

To achieve the best possible return we pay a great deal of attention to the maximum deployment of our production resources and we continually seek new uses for our return flows. We do not believe in cultivating crops especially for generating energy, but we are fully committed to producing gas and electricity from unused parts of crops grown for consumption. The same applies to making use of fibres, proteins and other content available in plant material.

Vision / strategy

The worldwide demand for safe and responsibly produced food is increasing substantially. Optimised cultivation is essential to satisfy this demand.


We therefore concentrate specifically on crops that flourish best in our moderate climate and which do not require manual labour. Within our cultivation areas we take account of small variations in the climate and soil conditions when selecting the crops to grow. Our well-equipped machine park enables us to work efficiently, quickly and hygienically under the most extreme conditions. The scale of our operations is tuned to that of our customers.


Quality and flexibility are vitally important to Laarakker Groenteverwerking. Which is why we leave nothing to coincidence: we supervise our crops intensively and we work hard to build up good relationships with our growers and our customers.