Agricultural contractors

The majority of the sowing and harvesting is carried out by our own people using our machines. In addition, Laarakker Groenteverwerking employs the services of a number agricultural contractors with whom we have built up a long-term relationship. These experts know and understand our wishes and quality requirements exactly.

Sowing and harvesting

In order to guarantee our quality level, at Laarakker Groenteverwerking we manage all the sowing and harvesting processes ourselves. For this purpose, our company has a large number of specialist machines.


These machines are maintained and driven by professionals, who know them as the back of their hand. After every season all our machines are dismantled down to the smallest components, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled.


We do this to prevent loss of valuable time during the season and so that we can sow or harvest the right crop at the right time. Meticulous work in all respects.