Always the same contact person

As contract grower you always have the same contact person at our organisation. Your growing consultant represents your interests and ensures that all your questions are answered. Are you curious about the opportunities we have to offer? Our crop specialists are happy to inform you.

Growing under contract

Each year Laarakker Groenteverwerking makes fixed agreements about cultivation and distribution with more than 400 growers. Our cultivation areas are located in many regions, including north Limburg, the neighbouring German region, Brabant, Zeeland, Flevoland, Drenthe and Overijssel.


To guarantee a good yield, we pay a great deal of attention to selecting fields as well as the analysis and selection of seeds and planting material. We take crop rotation, soil and climate conditions into consideration as well as the preferences, knowledge and expertise of every grower. We supervise all cultivation intensively: during the growing season our crop specialists visit all fields every 2 to 3 weeks and consult regularly with our growers.


We document the findings of our growing consultants in an online cultivation registration system. We use the data in this system to further optimise the growing returns.


Our intensive product monitoring prevents surprises: our growers as well as our sales force know exactly where they stand. And this means we can find the most suitable customer for the product from each field. This is reflected in the extremely low reject percentages and an optimal product price.