Together with Delta Milieu Compost & Biomassa, Laarakker Groenteverwerking has established the EcoFuels company. EcoFuels generates electricity, captures CO2 and purifies water from trimmings and return flows from plant cultivation and the food and beverage industry.

Energy and CO2

We process our return flows in our subsidiary company EcoFuels into biogas, from which we produce electricity, methane, CO2 and heat. By-products of the fermentation process are clean water and green fertilizers. The water and the fertilizers are reused in our own cultivation and production processes.


The electricity and the biogas are sold and pumped into the national distribution network. The pure CO2 is compressed to liquid or solid CO2. The residual heat, which is released from the electricity generator, is used to dry herbs. And because of all these activities our company has a very low CO2 footprint.